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Review of the Reporting-Electoral meeting of the Student Parliament

At the reporting-electoral meeting of the Student Parliament (hereinafter - SP) on May 28, the Lithuanian Sports University Student Representation (hereinafter - LSU SA) ended a beautiful, colorful story of 2021-2022 cadency and at the same time started the next stage, electing new President together with his team and other members of the governing bodies.


At the beginning of the meeting detailed activity and financial reports of LSU SA and the report of the Revision Commission of LSU SA were presented. Hopefully, both have been successfully approved, and after the third report, from now on the ex President, Miglė Julija Dudėnaitė, asked the Chairman of Revision Commission: "What could be your suggestions for student involvement in the preparation of positions, as you mentioned that it is not so high at the moment as it should be?" . Paulius Kučas, who presented the Commission`s report, replied that the positions could be discussed at the meetings of the group heads, increasing their involvement.

Later on, according to the agenda, the Chairperson Ieva Lukoševičiūtė introduced the report of the LSU SA Certification Commission to the members of the SP. With 6 abstentions, the report of the Attestation Commission was approved by the SP.


Talking about the most exciting part, it should be noted that Sandra Baltramonaitytė, who had been the coordinator of the Projects and Partnership Committee of LSU SA for several years, ran for the position of President.

After Sandra`s speech very first question "How was the team chosen?" was asked by Ieva Lukoševičiutė, to which S. Baltramonaitytė answered that previous coordinators helped her to select the potential candidates. In turn, Vaiva Vaičiulytė was surprised by the vacant position of the vice president. The presidential candidate confirmed that the members she interviewed had resigned and she assured that the matter would continue to be addressed by the Board after the meeting. While hands continued to be raised, S. Baltramonaitytė opened a curtain talking about her fresh ideas in the field of representation, the topic about which G.Samulevičiūtė was interested in, stating that she intends to strengthen the relations with the University administration to find a solution for any problem. Asked by the Chairman of the Revision Commission P. Kučas, the candidate singled out the strengthening of the financial part and the organization itself as a priority work of her term. Gabriele Šturmaitė, a representative of the Lithuanian Students' Union, was curious to know about the biggest problem in Lithuanian higher education that S. Baltramonaitytė sees herself. "Competences of teachers", - the candidate Baltramonaitytė immediately replied.

After the audience's questions, the results of the successful presidential election were quite diverse: 18 for Sandra Baltramonaitytė, 2 against, 7 abstentions and one voting ticket - damaged.


Following the order of the items on the agenda, the delegates elected Miglė Julija Dudėnaitė, Rokas Kačiulis and Donatas Bagdonavičiūtė to the Board for a two-year term, and Sigitas Sidaravičius, LSU alumni to the LSU Council.

Out of 6 candidates for the Senate, Polina Maskaliova, Miglė Stasiukynaitė, Stela Šigauskaitė and Milda Treigienė received SP support. According to the rules of procedure of the LSU Student Representation, the remaining unelected member of the Senate was chosen by the new President of LSU SA S. Baltramonaitytė. In the final result, the team of senators was supplemented by an active student, Sandra Jatulytė-Vaičiūnė.

According to the election results, Vėjūnė Misikaitė and Stela Šigauskaitė will work in the Revision in 2022-2023, under the leadership of Gabriele Samulevičiūtė, the Chairman elected during the SP meeting.

After a repeat-voting on the composition of the Attestation Commission, two candidacies were finally approved - I. Lukoševičiūtė and M. Stasiukynaitė, and the election of the third person will take place during the next SP meeting.

Prior to the transition to the noble election of Honorary Members, adjustments of the Rules of Procedure of LSU SA were successfully submitted.


Surely, we are proud to have freshly confirmed Members of Honor such as V. Vačiulytė, I. Lukoševičiūtė, ex President M. J. Dudėnaitė and LSU Alumni, S. Sidaravičius, who is now a part of the LSU Council representing LSU SA.

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