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LSU SA students’ parliament

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

On the 18th of June Lithuanian Sports University Students’ Association organized the annual election meeting in which students’ parliament representatives have overseen the presentations of LSU SA annual activity report, annual revision commission report that has been approved and confirmed. Also, the President, board commission, revision commission, Attestation – Certification commission and Senate elections have been held. At the end of the meeting the Representatives elected the Honorary Members of LSU SA.


According to schedule, meeting started with the LSU SA annual activity report which have been presented by ex. President Paulius Kucas. After the presentation representatives confirmed and approved this document.


Going forward – the presentation of Revision commission report has been held by R. Zigmantaviciute and M. J. Dudenaite. The mandates have been lifted and approved by Students’ parliament representatives.


As well, the Attestation – Certification commission report has been presented by its chairman V. Vaiciulyte as long as approved and confirmed.


Going towards the most important meeting part – President election. Two candidates expressed their desire to step along the organization – M. J. Dudenaite and G. Samuleviciute. After short discussion, election has been held and the new President of LSU SA became M. J. Dudenaite.


After that, the board commission candidates presentation was followed by another election. The new Board members became: D. Narbutas, I. Lukoseviciute, V. Vaiciulyte, E. Kerulyte, S. Baltramonaityte and E. Savickaite.


Also, Revision commission election happened – P. Kucas, V. Tomkevicius and J. Viatkinaite have been congratulated as a new team of Revision.


According to the schedule, Attestation – Certification commission team election has been held – all candidates have been elected: E. Savickaite, V. Vaiciulyte, E. Kerulyte, D. Narbutas and I. Lukoseviciute.


During the meeting that went to the end, candidates desired to become part of the Senate – M. Treigiene, P. Moskaliova, I. Lukoseviciute and P. Kucas have been elected as a new members of Senate.


At the end the Students’ parliament representatives elected 5 Honorary Members of LSU SA – M. Treigiene, G. Gurkeerat Singh, S. Selvestravicius, P. Kucas and J. Viatkinaite have been congradulated.


In this electional meeting 24 official representatives have participated.




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